Cloth Nappies versus Disposables – How You Can be the Winner

Cloth Nappies versus Disposable Nappies – the Great Debate

I’m a sceptical person, and I’m getting worse as the years go by.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m negative, far from it, I am often the only positive woman left standing when things get tough.  It’s something else that causes it – motherhood.  Before kids – I only had to think of myself and could run head first into any hair-brained scheme without a backward glance.  But now with kids, I’ve got to think twice, three times about everything, as it doesn’t just affect me alone anymore; the health, wellbeing and future of my kids could be at stake with every decision I make.

And so, with the birth of my surprise baby (that’s another story!), yet again I found myself facing that same old dilemma; cloth vs disposable nappies? 

I have to admit, the first time around, disposables won out – I was overwhelmed those first few weeks with my new baby – you know what I’m talking about, right? And frankly the environment was the last thing on my mind.  Little did I know I could have been saving our little family a few thousand dollars at the same time, if only I’d done my homework.

Life is busy, when the next newborn comes along it gets even busier.  Did I have time for disposables?  Could I handle the mess?  I thought of my mum with my baby sister, folding triangles of terry cloth and those huge blue safety pins, not very appealing.  I really didn’t have a clue about Modern Cloth Nappies.

That all changed when I met my old friend, Mel, with her brand new tiny baby in a super cute Minky MCN nappy.  She explained it all to me, no need for smelly, soaking buckets – just pop them in dry – liners, even flushable ones if you wish – and probably just an extra couple of loads of laundry per week.  The part she liked most – the cost – she said disposable diapers would cost well over $3000 up until her baby was toilet trained, and she had only invested around $400 in Modern Cloth Nappies.    

Well, I couldn’t just take her word for it (sceptic here, don’t you know) so I decided to do some more investigating.  Turns out a couple of mums at Mothers’ Group were using them (why hadn’t I noticed that before?) and they weren’t even hippies!! 

Since talking to Mel, I had time to think about it and now I was armed with questions;  What about the water used to wash them? Wasn’t that bad for the environment too?  Turns out that manufacturing a disposable nappy uses heaps of water and electricity and has a big carbon footprint.  And using Bamboo liners means the materials are sustainably produced too.  What about leaks?  Nope, the more you wash them, the more absorbent they become, they improve with age!  (wish I could do that). 

Isn’t it hard work? They laughed when I said that, just a matter of getting used to it they said, there is no hand washing, solids are dropped into the loo, once you’ve got your routine sorted, you won’t even think twice about it.  What about the fit?  Fully adjustable, with heaps of snaps.  Ok.  But they look boring, right?  Couldn’t have been more wrong, little Harvey was wearing a denim look nappy, it looked like a miniature pair of jeans shorts, too cute!  And that is what led me to discover the huge range of MCN patterns and colours offered by Bubeez. 

Don’t just take my word for it – when I got my hands on some I sent them out to a couple of fans to review – this is what they had to say:

“My dd wore your gorgeous nappy today. I absolutely loved the feel of the fabric and even better was the butterfly print, my dd is a bit on the chubbier side but the fit was very generous, which I was very happy about. I find some other brands sit a bit low. As for absorbency we got a good 3hrs wear & dd can be a heavy wetter so I’m stoked with that (itti’s) I’m lucky to get 2hrs. This nappy has also washed up great. Over all I really can’t fault this MCN nappy, I’ll definitely be purchasing a couple more of these. Thank you for letting us give them a try, 10/10” – Amie

“I was having some leakage issues that seem to have been resolved with a few extra washes.
I love the simple but effective design, easy to assemble, wash and use. It is a “one size fits most” nappy and is adjusted with snaps in the front, it fits nicely and isn’t too bulky on my tiny (7.5kg), 14month old but, looks like it would also suit a bigger child. They had a nice range of prints and the Minky outer was lovely. I also really liked the hip snaps for a good fit on my daughter. Overall I found it a good quality, very affordable nappy.” – Bec

You can view our current range of nappies, liners and wet bags here:

A Trial Pack would be the way to go if you are a sceptic like me – don’t knock it til you try it, isn’t that what they say?

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