Christmas Moods

How are you finding the other shoppers this week? Are they being friendly or angry? I was at Westfield the other day and I think it was about half and half with some people very stressed and then others just full of smiles and helpfulness.

I had bub in the pram, shopping bags in the basket and hanging off my arms and our lunch tray (with wobbly drinks on top), desperately looking for a place to sit. There was a 30 something guy in a suit, sitting with a can of V and texting on his phone taking up a table for four (sitting in the middle, arms spread). He glanced at me and looked back at his phone, not moving. The next table had a lady in a wheelchair at the end but there was one seat free opposite her. I reversed the pram and myself carefully into the space but still managed to bump her wheelchair just the tiniest bit. I apologised, she smiled and I plopped down on the seat (I’m still balancing the lunch tray and the full pram remember).

At that very moment Mr Can-of-V decides to leave! Under my breath I said ‘are you kidding me?’ but he heard it (I guess I don’t whisper as quietly as I think I do) and he shouted at me – ‘you could have asked me to move!’. It was so quick and aggressive that tears sprang into my eyes. Everyone nearby turned to look at him and he quickly walked away.

I moved to his table and started to give my little one her lunch, feeling upset and foolish. Then a lady came along and sat beside us, a big smile on her face. She said hello to bubs and made some friendly comments while opening her Sushi lunch. I told her she was a breath of fresh air after what had just happened. We ended up having a lovely chat while we ate our lunches; it was her fifth Christmas since her husband died (she was my age) and she was doing her best to make sure it was a magical time for her two boys who were 4 and 5 when their dad passed away. She said she knows her husband is always watching over them and she really feels his love at Christmas. She said every twinkle of the lights is a smile from him.

Well there I was again with tears in my eyes, but for a very different reason this time. Suddenly everything was put into perspective – forget cranky guy and concentrate on what’s important. I was so glad I met that lovely lady (and thank you lady wherever you are), she cheered me up and was so positive and calming in all that shopping madness.

And it just shows you how a kind word can really make a difference to someone’s day. I hope when you are out shopping this week that you meet Mrs Sushi far more often than you meet Mr Can-of-V 

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